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Do I Need To Purchase My Spouse Precious Jewelry?

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Do I Need To Purchase My Spouse Precious Jewelry?

A pal of mine seems it really is wasteful to buy precious precious jewelry for their spouse. She, nonetheless, disagrees. Their 30th anniversary is coming up. He is maybe maybe perhaps not poor—actually offers too much to charities that are many and quite observant. I have been wanting to simply tell him that ladies see precious jewelry differently than males do. But he really wants to know if the Torah demands he provide precious jewelry for their spouse.

Although it’s hard for guys to see jewelry being a feature that is essential of, that’s the method numerous, if not most woman conceive of it. Possibly since the very first girl, Eve, started out life with precious precious jewelry. This is actually the Midrash on that:1

We discover that G-d . adorns the bride, because it’s written, “therefore the G-d that is l-rd built. “. Rabbi Yochanan stated, “He built her interpreting the word binyan as b’naeh =with beauty and adorned her with jewels and revealed her to him.”

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