The recovery project of Palazzo Giaracà di Levante start with a dual purpose, the conservative restoration of the façade, of excellent architecture elements and the implementation of measures to improve seismic behavior and parallel functional redistribution of the interior spaces. The restoration project has indicated the intention to leave a trace of the signs of time, stopping degradation processes with appropriate assistance and restoring its role as a key of urban space. The inner volume, free from every different element regarding the original structure, is articulated in a sequence of volumes to double width, inside of which life environment are made up according to never equal outlines between they. The freedom in the distribution of residential surface, not confined within closed spaces, with the exception of toilets blocks, has concurred to obtain eight various plans everyone of which strongly characterized from the relationship with the land-scaped context. Through the wide openings, framed from rich portals with stone decoration, the sun and the sea of Ortigia island come inside the inhabited space giving unique suggestions.