To stay in Ortigia is an unforgettable experience. Greek temples, Christian churches, Swabian, Aragonese and Baroque buildings, flowered courtyards and Arabic alleys, not to mention the busy narrow streets alive with stalls selling fruit, vegetables and fresh fish all stand side by side.
Wherever you go, you will always end up on the seafront as all the streets lead to the sea.
The palazzo Giaracà owes its charm to its isolated location on the eastern sea front. Geometrically designed according to the Umbertino chessboard of the 19th century, situated only a few yards from the remains of the Spanish Boundaries it stands in a privileged position in perfect harmony with the Porto Piccolo.
You only have to lean out from of one of the adorned balconies to admire the important historical archaeological sites that surround the palazzo Giaracà: the Bastion of Saint Giovannello. The Bourbon prison, the 18th century fortifications (above mentioned), the old General Post Office building and the historical Graziella quarter with its daily fish market.
Opposite there is the recently built covered car park Talete.
The eastern waterfront of the island is still awaiting completion and has recently been assigned to an international commission of planning (assigned to arch. Tomaso Monestiroli) with the aim of improving the town planning on this side of the city.